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a Functional Medicine approach
with Michele Lopez
About Me

Balance your health. Balance your weight.
Balance your life.

Hello! I'm Michele Lopez, founder of Health in Flow. Making our health a priority is the first important step if we are going to lose weight, gain energy and overcome illness. I will work with you to make dynamic changes with your weight and health that, in turn, will significantly increase your energy, remove food cravings, and help you arrive at your very best through mindful lifestyle choices.

I will support, engage and empower you to reach your health goals by developing the skills you need to follow through new behavioral choices that lasts a lifetime.

  • Ensure you have the tools and resources you need to make lasting changes, and progress;

  • Co-create a personalized wellness plan with you that can include optimizing nutrition and detoxification, and other fundamentals of self-health creation


It all is about YOUR PACE, YOUR WAY.

Your very best state of health has little to do with willpower. It is all about habits evolution.


Consultations and Coaching Programs

How your HEALTH IN FLOW program works?
Schedule your 15mins complimentary call, then you can decide which coaching package will be right for you.  There is a minimum of 6-session commitment in order to focus on your success.
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Schedule now your 15 min


call with Michele

6 sessions

1 x 60 min and 5 x 45 min sessions

9 sessions

1 x 60 min and 8 x 45 min sessions

12 sessions

1 x 60 min and 11 x 45 min sessions

Your personalized plan might also include (Miami locals only):
Personalized health food stores and farmers market tours
Individualized pantry and kitchen makeover that is suited for your lifestyle
Not sure if Health in Flow programs are for you? Learn more here...
Corporate Wellness

Want to ensure your staff are healthier, happier and more energetic?
I can come talk to your
co-workers, or conduct group workshops.

Corporate Wellness
Why Coaching?

Why working with a health coach is effective?

Studies have shown that success in accomplishing your very best state of health is not about willpower. People tend to think the answer is that they lack willpower and if they had more of it, they’d succeed in eating better and exercising. We know we are supposed to exercise, eat WHOLE foods, and how sleep is so important. However, there is a huge gap between what you know you are supposed to do and following through and doing it.


What’s missing? Why can’t you stick with your plans to be a healthy person?

The good news — there are several strategies that work. Here is the first one: we know it is important to keep our focus on a wonderful and exciting outcome – like being lean or withdrawing from the medical mill. But while doing

that, start to focus on the small goals you are accomplishing every day and every week.

This is where I step in as your health coach.

I am here to empower, support, and inspire you to accomplish
those small steps towards your life vision through your own personalized plan. And most important, making sure you are enjoying this process with feelings of gratitude.

As my mentor once said it:

“It’s a small investment that pays big dividends.”

Let's get In Touch

For more information and questions about Health in Flow programs please contact Michele Lopez by phone: (954) 643-9445 or fill out the form below.


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