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One-on-one Coaching Programs

HEALTH IN FLOW program is a perfect fit if you:

  • Are looking to reach your ideal weight, but the pounds have been creeping up on you year after year;

  • Have been diagnosed with a health issue that requires a change in diet and other lifestyle factors, and need guidance in how to begin and maintain your new health behavior;

  • Have a strong desire and motivation to change the way you are living because the time is now; you don’t want to face a health problem later that could have been prevented today;

  • Are ready for a genuine diet and lifestyle transformation and know deep down that fad diets and quick fix diets might be a temporary solution, but are not the way to change.


With HEALTH IN FLOW program, you will get:


  • An initial 60-minute session that will lay the foundation for your individual health goals (by teleconference or by phone);

  • 45 min follow-up inspiring goal-oriented sessions;

  • A co-created personalized wellness plan for you and your individual needs;

  • Unlimited email support in-between sessions to keep you motivated and empowered;

  • Tools and resources to facilitate and empower you a lifetime of wellness;

  • A clear understanding on how to navigate the world of contradictory nutrition advice to determine what changes are best for YOU.

  • Use of an innovative health record app, called Mymee, which is downloaded to your phone. It will be the easiest way to keep a food diary or record activity or your energy levels which in turn allows me a special insight into your day to day life.


How your HEALTH IN FLOW program works:

There is a minimum of 6 session commitment
in order to focus on your success:

6 sessions (one 60 min and five 45 min sessions) Click here to Schedule
9 sessions (one 60 min and eight 45 min sessions) Click here to Schedule
12 sessions (one 60 min and eleven 45 min sessions) Click here to Schedule

Your personalized plan might also include (locals only):
Personalized health food stores and farmers market tours
Individualized pantry and kitchen makeover that is suited for your lifestyle


Schedule a 15 min Complimentary Call

If you are serious about taking steps to improve your health, but are not sure if this is the right path for you, gives me an opportunity to see if I can help and it gives potential clients like you a chance to ask questions and determine if any one of my packages are a good fit for you.

15min Complimentary
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